Supporting growth to maturity in Jesus

Our life as one of Jesus’ disciples is an ongoing process of growing into Christian maturity. Maturity in Jesus can be defined in many ways, but we refer to it as 3GC Life. Salvation is first a relationship with God established through Jesus (John 17:3). Once in this new relationship with the Father we make every effort to grow in expressing the two Great Commandments (Mark 12:28-31), and the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).


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Training Jesus’ Disciples

Jesus tells us in the Great Commission to teach his disciples to “Obey everything he commanded.” Most first world leaders in the church focus on giving disciples deeper understanding, but our teaching should be directed to the whole person. Obedience is not limited to our minds. If we are willing to transform the way we teach in the Lord’s church, then we will experience more effective (and obedient) disciples.

Welcome to 3GC Life

It’s June 6, 2014. I’m excited to bring you 3GC Life, a resource dedicated to providing study resources for Christians. Check back as the site is built over the next couple weeks. Thanks, Scott