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Our life as Jesus’ disciples is defined by the two great commandments and what we call the great commission. All of the other great themes of our faith are ways to express and grow in the two great commands and the great commission. That’s the reason for the name, 3GC.

If we are going to fulfill the Great Commission, then we should understand how to teach others. 3GC Life exists to provide guidance on maximizing our efforts to raise up disciples of Jesus.

Yoke Ministries is our partner site providing content to use in your training efforts.


The list below gives a brief description of some of the resources you’ll find on this site.

What do we offer?

  • Learning paths; We recommend paths to follow depending on what topic or topics you want to learn.
  • Infographics; Infographics provide a visual way to look at information, and we find these very useful in displaying relationship between themes from scripture.
  • Training guidance; We work in the training field, and provide recommendations on promoting, delivering, and following up on training.

How much do the resources cost?

  • 20% of all our income is given in offerings to ministries and individual service needs, first enabling Yoke Ministries to function.