Prompted to Pray

Cindy and I have been praying for some friends who were leaving at noon yesterday for a mission trip to Honduras. While our friends were headed to the airport to catch their flight, we were driving to spend a week at the beach with family. OK, our friends are holier than we. Cindy and I decided to drive a different route than usual so we could stop at a specific restaurant for lunch.

We turned off of the highway just before noon toward our lunch destination. As we drove on a back road toward the town, we passed the warehouse of a company where another friend works whom I had not seen in a while.

I sent this friend a text to say hi. He and I texted back and forth, and even gave us a great recommendation for lunch that we’ll try on the way home. He then sent me another text asking us to pray for his daughter who was at the airport about to leave on a mission trip. I think you have an idea where my story is headed.

Anyway, I asked if he knew my other friends. It turns out they were going on the same trip. I told him I had been praying for everyone on that trip for weeks, but I would definitely now pray specifically for his daughter as well.

Now, I know on the one hand this is simply the intersection of two friends’ stories. On the other hand, I am amazed and excited at how The Lord arranged the timing as well as all the details.

He could have let me know my other friend’s daughter was on the trip in many boring ways, but I love the fun ways the Lord prompts us to participate in his work. This reminds me to live continually with my eyes open, ready to be amazed, and joyfully respond to the ways The Lord nudges.

In this instance, I know I have been invited to pray for a small group of people cooperating with The Lord for a brief time in Honduras. I wonder what creative ways The Lord will invite us to join him in his work today, or tomorrow?

Let’s live with our eyes open to see how he next prompts us, and then join him in his work.

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